NEXTRA is Contractor of an autonomous platform for managing energy flows and end technologies. In various sectors, it provides solutions from basic monitoring and analysis to proactive energy management and real-time portfolio control of manufacturing plants, buildings, or microgrids.


  • Monitoring - energy consumption and environmental parameter monitoring | real-time reporting | evaluation and alarms.
  • Control - management of energy peaks and reserved power consumption | HVAC system and lighting control | anomaly alarms | autonomous operation - system self-intervention.
  • Regulation - energy optimization in multiple halls or locations | machine utilization over time | advanced analytics | preventive maintenance | autonomous sub-domains on alliance servers | support for ISO 50001 certification.


Community energy and interaction with the distribution network according to the current situation:

  • Monitoring (electricity, water, gas, heat, etc.) | history, analytics, and reporting | monitoring of photovoltaic, wind, and hydroelectric power plants | evaluation and alarms.
  • Control - optimization of local energy production, consumption, and storage | community energy offering flexibility of energy supply and demand.
  • Regulation - management of microgrid infrastructure and electric vehicle charging stations | community energy | dynamic tariffs, EPC projects | solutions for flexibility aggregators (SVR).


Interactive and responsive buildings.

  • Monitoring - measuring electricity, gas, and heat consumption; temperature and CO2 level monitoring, evaluation and alarms.
  • Control - management of HVAC systems, lighting, and shading technology | weather-based and predictive control | integration of security systems and access control | optimization of operating costs | extension with a community application.
  • Regulation - multi-purpose complexes (apartments, shops, offices) | advanced analytics | lunch/prayer breaks | electric vehicle charging | support for multiple locations | autonomous sub-domains using alliance servers | extension with a community application.


Integration of heterogeneous distributed operations into a single system.

  • Comprehensive connection of heterogeneous systems and autonomous management of individual systems and environments such as managed/operated buildings, administrative, social, or cultural centers, hospitals, sports facilities, etc.
  • Maximizing efficient city management, including the use of "green energy" and alternative renewable energy sources | prevention of damage, losses, and waste | supervision and management of technology and building operations and city operations.
  • Zone heating control in buildings | energy consumption and lighting control | ventilation and recovery control | air quality monitoring and natural ventilation assurance | integration of camera systems | management of sports hall technology | automated building operation with flexible and remote operation | monitoring anomalies in consumption, faults, and alarms | technical service notifications for anomalies | management of own energy sources | electric mobility management | public lighting management | waste management | transportation and parking | air quality | safety and surveillance | property management and inventory.


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